Enjoy the Walk

This trekking event is more than 40 kilometers long! I know this is a pretty long distance! On the way, there must be one or a few distances to be completed by will, and it will be very tired! But as long as I persist, I believe that I will be able to reach the destination smoothly, just like many people...
New Year's New Hope on January 1, 2019, today we chose the starting point for hiking through the Xiaokeng National Forest Park: the end of the back mountain of Handan Iron and Steel: Xiaokeng National Forest Park, the first day of the new year, more than 40 kilometers, choose this The main activity is to sharpen your will through challenges. We challenged nature and challenged ourselves. There are several roads on the way. I really insisted on it by my will. The physical strength I had worried about before did not become an obstacle. However, the pain of the foot became one of the reasons why I must persist. I knew that I was hurting my feet because the shoes were not ready. Of course, this did not become the resistance I insisted on.

On this hike, through the rural cement road, there are endless rice fields, larch forests, eucalyptus forests, mountain roads, crystal clear country creeks, plains, mountains, mines, fantastic and mysterious The feeling of Xiaokeng National Forest Park Scenic Area. Everywhere we go through, from a different perspective, it can form a very beautiful landscape picture. To tell the truth, this kind of walking is not too much for each of us in our lives; but for me, this will become the wealth of my life, it is worth cherishing, I have seen it, left behind. It’s a beautiful memory, tired, tired, calm down and slowly taste. In the natural oxygen bar of nature, every step is so happy and full, it is filled with confidence and strength! I know that as long as I reach out, there will be a friend who pulls me, saves a lot of pain and time, and also gets a lot of physical pleasure and relaxation, but I think this is not the purpose of this activity. Or, if I do that, it is a betrayal of this event.

Feel the foot on foot, we can find that in fact, a person’s life is like a hike, happy, painful, persistent, and hesitant; life is like a landscape, and you will come over with you on the head. If you learn to use your digital camera, it is your life's harvest that stays on the CCD. Walking is no different from life. It requires hard work and needs perseverance. There are starting and ending points.

In short, on foot, attitude determines everything, the process is painful, but the end is happy, because each of us is heading in this direction. This hiking event, for me, is really "painful and happy", and I have gained a lot, like the exhaustion of that body and the blisters of the two feet! I walk, I am happy, full of romance and passion, hope, and life, this is the feeling of this walk.