Tengger Desert Five Lakes Traveling

Look at the world in a grain of sand. Hold the infinite possibilities in your own limited hand. Sand, windy will fly. The wind has given the sand a journey of heart and sea, and wants to fly the flying elephant with a strange angle to the depths of the soul. One season in the middle of the autumn, and in the vast desert, an oasis is reported!

When you go to a target point step by step, what kind of scene will you expect in your heart? Do you fantasize about the old fishermen who are immersed in the rain in the rain, or will they ponder the vast deserts of the cowboys under the setting sun?

When you climb to a high point with your legs, remember to look back at the world around you. It is the scenery you have worked hard. You don't have to worry about how hard the road ahead is. The one who comes down is the winner of life.

One of the five lakes crossing, the oasis first lake in the desert, Little Swan Lake. The waterfowl in the sunset glows on the lake. What do you think of? It is the figure of Dina in the sunset or the thought of the book of the moon and the geese.

At midnight, the moon is on the branches, and the stars are twinkling. On the first day, 16 kilometers walk to the camp. From sunset to sunrise, if there is a red plum for you to appreciate, the best time is at dawn.

The wind blows the sand to the flock, and it’s happy, happy, and long-lost? So, borrow a gourd, put a sip of sake, taste a small dish, play a heart, dance lightly!

The next morning, walking 16 kilometers, arrived at Wuhu 2, Wulan Lake in the afternoon! In the afternoon, I took a salt-alkali land of 8 kilometers and took the Suhaitu Lake to the yurt camp, near the Sun Lake!

The enchanting sunset brings infinite scenery, accompanied by the evening sunset, ushered in a bright moon, the yurt under the moonlight, the sky is still blue and lovely, the moment when the star appeared, it seems that you forget all the troubles!

The third day, experience the excitement of cross-country sand washing, through the legendary most beautiful Moon Lake, complete the road of good heart and body!