Zune Lotoo on the Way

I like a word: I am walking very slowly, but I have never stopped. The same is true of life, passing by, maybe sometimes slowing down to enjoy the scenery on the road of life is more important than catching up. "Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles." To be honest, for three years, the school has not improved, but the road under the feet has been extended. From the most beautiful coastline of the motherland, Shenzhen Xiyong to the northern country Xueyuan Shuangfeng Forest Farm, the ice city of Harbin, from the most prosperous Modu Shanghai to the most ancient and the highest elevation of the ancient Huizhou ancient village, Peartree, from the culturally rich Jiangnan water village to the northwest Naturally, I have eaten all kinds of food, I have seen beautiful women, left a photo, and accumulated many stories.