Zune Lotoo

Building quality outdoor gear since 2014

Who We Are

Zune Lotoo, concentrates on study of foundry technology and applies to outdoor gears manufacturing, designated to offer the most dependable survival gears to outdoor enthusiasts both in jungle and concrete forest.

Chengdu Zune Lotoo Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2014 and is located in Chengdu,a city famous for 4x4 truck ,self-driving and survival travel. enjoying convenient transportation and beautiful environment. adhering to the "artisan spirit and focuses on designing,developping and manufacturing outdoor gears and knifes .In Zune Lotoo,every shovel is an artwork. Among designing and manufacturing,there is extramely strict quality checking standard to evrey procedure.Bringing casting technology to survival shovel making process is a big step in the shovel industry.Zune Lotoo make it.And in the future we will do better.That's exactly why the shovle quality is listed No.1 all over the world.When you get the shovel,it is completed after more than 50 procedures.
Zune Lotoo pursues closer contact between man and nature.No matter you are in the city or outdoor,you need a gear from us.

Zune Lotoo is a famous outdoor tools brand built since 2014. Which is located in Chengdu, known as survival tourist city. Based on the principle of “making real useful and working tools for travelers”, We can not pay pay more attention to every steps of our products.

Our Process

Step 1:

Our designer team have done a lot research on different travels,wildness survival, 4x4 truck, self-driving etc. Travel themselves and talk with experience travelers. Then design our products with necessary and right functions .We will never and ever do some looks cool but useless and fake functions to increase the weight of our tools. So please do not compare functions amount with others.that is meaningless for us.

Step 2:

Picky material choose In order to get right material,we fly all over China and some times even take several months to find a qualified small part material supplier.

Step 3:

High requirements on Production We would like to provide some information to let you know how high requirements on the products manufacture: 1: We work with BYD car parts suppliers. 2: each shovel need over 50 procedures and 2~3 months to finish 3: Reject Ratio:53% 4: The one and only using Cast tech on shovel worldwide

Step 4:

Pretest We have our own professional travelers team, they travel Tibet line usually ,to test our products before we release our products. Each new model will test at least half year to confirm if it is a useful ,durable and light tools. Any disadvantage, we will resign and retest. We release the products till our testers and company satisfied with it. That is why our customers say “ Zune Lotoo only make high-end tools” , just because of this,we only released 8 products after 5 years develop. But we do have confidence on all our products.

So If you are a travel lover, welcome to join us: You need a gear to go outdoor


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