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Zune Lotoo Tech

Annihilate F-A1 survival shovel

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Survival Shovel丨Functional Shovel丨Best Shovel

Customer Reviews

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All around Solid Product. Best for your buck.

I have put this shovel through some test and it handled all with no sweat. No dings out of the package and knife came tact sharp. Love this shovel. I definitely wont to try out the shovel above this one to see which is better. But I can tell you from Army experience, this product is geared towards survival and tactical situations. Good Job Lotoo team. Got my vote and I recommend this item for anyone to purchase.

Billy Ray

It is a very sturdy e-tool. Many useful tools. Can't wait to cut something. The knife, whistle, fire starter, fish knife are very useful. My issues. The tools (knives) can easily be cross threaded. The shaft of the knives is of another material and fine threads. I would think that anyone buying this product are people that understand cross threading. I don't know where to put the sharp things. The shovel can't be stored with a handle attached. If you want this as a rapid deployed defense weapon, you are out of luck. As a campsite tool awesome.

Bad Seed Bill
Very impressed with shovel

I had been looking at this item for a while on eBay and different websites. There are many replicas trying to copy this shovel. After seeing it on amazon offered from the manufacturer, I bought it. It’s a solid, heavy duty, strong , well made survival shovel. It comes with a carrying case that holds all if the extensions and accessories. The shovels head itself is not very big. This is a solid unit that screws together with a quality precision fit. Expect to wait a little for it since it is. Coming from China. I had a couple of very good communications with the seller. Buy with confidence. Glad I did. There is a more expensive model about $200. I am very happy with mine which was about half that. The more expensive one has a more rugged aggressive look to the shovel head. Serrated edges for cutting and chopping. I would buy it again.