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Zune Lotoo Tech

Annihilate F-A3 survival shovel

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Survival Shovel丨Functional Shovel丨Best Shovel

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GARREAU Christophe
not yet received my order (#1226)

hello My friend I have not yet received my order (#1226) can you give me the tracking number of the package please

Llyzarius Aethelwulf
I love it but they were right.

It's a shovel, it's tactical, it's cool. It did the digging job and it took a bit of rotating but I got it to lock enough for it to function as a shovel without swiveling. The problem is--and I'm sure you've already seen in other reviews--is that once it locks as a shovel it becomes a job in itself to unlock it. Just to be able to unscrew all the parts once they were held fast I had to use two pliers and apply a TREMENDOUS amount of force, and I'm a fairly strong man. While I understand the necessity of that, it's still a wild necessity for a "tactical shovel". For future designs, there needs to be a way to prevent the individual sections from unscrewing while also allowing them to be easily sectioned for the tactical performance.

Bag not included.

Heavy duty, for sure! Well made for a Chinese product. Not up to German or Czech standards for tool making. It has a slight amount of play in the shovel head. Not sure what long term use would result in. But it is solid and stout. The shovel head appears to be cast or machined from a billet. Everything came coated in a light oil. Not sure if it is manufacturing oil or a rust inhibitor. I was disappointed it didn't come with a storage bag. This would be too heavy for a backpacking/hiking tool, but it will be a great emergency tool in the 4x4 for camping and getting unstuck off roading. If it holds up to regular use, I would say it was a good buy. Time will tell.

The Survival Outpost
I had my doubts about a $200+ Shovel...

No doubts anymore, I beat the crap out of it, sparked my fire, chopped firewood, cooked over an open fire, cleared a campsite, and more. I even used it as a seat. Solid construction and design. A bit heavy, but that's expected with all the multifunctional tools - knife, mag rod, etc.I made sure to oil the threads before use, def do this or if you're chopping with the shovel, the threads will seize up and make it hard to unscrew the various segments of the tool.100% IMPRESSED.

Maximum Portability Emergency Tool!

I am seriously impressed with the overall strength and build of this tool.Besides being very cool looking it is truly something you can pack away in the trunk of a sedan for emergency situations, and actually use if you needed to. The first thing I did was assemble the shovel. The well printed pictorial directions are great. I have the Pro version and definitely recommend spending the little extra for the longer handle alone. Even though the handle is made of aluminum, the strength and fit are 100%. The business end is just that, all business! For those of us who go off road, a shovel like this can make a world of difference. With the head rotated 90 degrees, you could reach under and pull (or push) debris away from the undercarriage. The same applies for people who drive in snow. This shovel could quite literally save your life. It will also come in handy camping when I need to dig a trench around the tent or gazebo. The rotating head to the Hoe style tool will make most tasks easier. I have not split wood with it yet but guess, within reason, it should not have a problem creating kindling. The firestarter magnezium stick addition should definitely help in colder, damp, situations. This could be a very versatile tool for backpacking camping. It even came with a diamond coated hand saw chain and a length of paracord. The case and sheath are durable, heavy duty cotton canvas.Overall, yes, these tools are never cheap, but, when you think how versatile they are, or at the risk of sounding extreme, how one could save you, your family, or others, the cost should become secondary. I recommend this tool.